When can I move in?

Move in as early as the Saturday before school starts 10:00 - 2:00 and also Monday or Tuesday of school starting 12:00 - 3:00.

*No one will be available after these check in times. Plan ahead for to make sure you can check in during these times.*

When does the rent need to be paid?

First payment for fall semester is due July lst and spring semester is due by Dec. 15. If you are waiting for Financial Aid/Scholarship we will make an exception only with a copy of a credit or debit card with an automatic withdraw set up for 30 days after the semester starts.

Can I have an overnight guest?

Not without first notifying the manager at least two days prior to the visit and NEVER anyone of the opposite sex in the bedroom area. Visitors need to vacate by 11:30pm on weeknights and 1:30am on weekends. Quiet time is at 10:00pm so the other roommates can go to sleep or study without being disturbed.

Can I hang pictures on the wall?

Yes, please only use small tacks or nails and please try to keep it to a minimum.

What do I need to bring for my apartment?

You will need to bring your own dishes, rags, towels and cleaning supplies. Bedrooms have a twin size bed, with a mattress pad and a dresser. You will also need to bring all of your bathroom supplies. Vacuums are available for check out in the office, however, if you have an extra vacuum feel free to bring it.

Can I Bring A Pet?

No, please do not bring any pets into your apartment. Anyone caught with a pet will be evicted.

*Absolutely no smoking, drugs, alcohol, firearms or fireworks inside or outside the apartment. The use of any of these by you or your guest will result in immediate eviction.*

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